*Super Nicey* 6-LP Bundle (limited)


Help us lighten the shelves at Nicey HQ ! Everyone knows that all of the Nicey titles are top-notch achievements by some of the truest artists working in sound today. In keeping with our mission to spread this music as far as we can, and in the hopes of clearing some shelf space for the next season of vital music, we’re offering a 6-record “Super Nicey” bundle to anyone looking to load their plate with a full feast of inspiring sounds. The number is 6 because that’s how many records fit in our mailers, and the astounding price is $60, U.S. SHIPPING INCLUDED. (International friends, get in touch to strike a deal.)

Choose any SIX albums from the following list, currently in stock from Nicey and affiliated labels, and include a note with your order. Or ask for a random selection (curated experience)!

+ Mega Bog – “Happy Together” LP

+ Banny Grove – “Who is She?” LP

+ Dimples – “Whimpers” LP

+ Plum Professional – “Plum Professional” LP

+ Grape Room – “Heart of Gum” LP

+ Jepeto Solutions – “Jepeto Solutions” 7″ + Banny Grove “Cars in Control” 7″ (2 7″s = 1 LP!)

+ CE Schneider Topical – “Antifree” LP (OSR)

+ Grape Room – “Cartoon Land” LP (Feeding Tube Records)

+ Great Valley – “Lizards of Camelot” LP (Feeding Tube Records / NNA Tapes)

+ Great Valley – “In the Silver Dream” LP (Spooky Town Records)