Jepeto Solutions / CE Schneider Topical – LP+7″ Bundle


We were lucky enough to come by a small cache of CE SCHNEIDER TOPICAL’s 12″ predecessor to the Jepeto Solutions 7″ – ANTIFREE – 17 perfect, delicate bits of otherworldly folk wisdom that we’ve decided to offer as part of a special Bundle Opportunity, for anyone seeking a complete Jepeto immersion experience! Get this monumental LP along with the fresh Jepeto Solutions 7″ for the price of just 1 🙂 while supplies last.

ABOUT JEPETO: Here is the semi-debut from this newly-beefed-up New York City superforce, formed around the core of what was once CE SCHNEIDER TOPICAL. As the house band of the beloved, trendsetting label OSR (which is now sadly closing its doors like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory), CE Schneider Topical enchanted the world with last winter’s Antifree LP, that demonstrated the soft power of Christina Schneider’s songwriting and crystal voice when subjected to Zach Phillips’ instrumental accompaniment and reel-to-reel experimentation at Manual FX Studio. So it’s no surprise they attracted two of NYC’s greatest for their evolution into JEPETO SOLUTIONS – namely Quentin Moore of BIG FRENCH on guitar and Derek Baron of CAUSINGS and MEGA BOG on drums (not to mention Tom Csatari of UNCIVILIZED, who contributed slide and wah guitars throughout these sessions, although not a “true member”). Their first four hits are predictably more raucous than the duo that preceded them, and Phillips takes an equitable share of the spotlight, singing lead on half the songs. From time to time, Moore’s absolutely manic guitar wizardry is allowed to tug at its leash and pull us into the shadow of Royal Trux, while other movements (such as “Silver Bells,” which is reinforced by Kurt Weisman’s flute) maintain CE Schneider’s likeness to the gorgeous, intricate, rock-steady folkiness of The Roches – and the dialog between those two poles will keep you flipping this record from side to side for a long time, as you contemplate its unaccountable wholeness. Meanwhile, both singers subject us to drily poetic lyrics that will scratch an itch for fans of Prefab Sprout’s English wit. A surefire piece of the future’s history, when you consider what likely lies ahead for this group…