Great Valley – “In the Silver Dream” pink LP

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Some people still suspect that The Great Valley’s big Hollywood debut THE SILVER DREAM never really was shown in theaters at all, but that seems unlikely, considering how we all remember it vaguely, like something we saw once a long time ago or in a former life.  It had something to do with a silver waterfall, surrounded by sleepy fog or a deceitful mist…? And some people might remember a hazy romance between a man and a ghost…? Or that cowboy’s encounter with the fantastic cactus, or a UFO spinning like a china plate on an invisible finger? Oh, fuck it! who can be sure of anything anymore? We were young then, and the world had a tricky way of going up in smoke any time you came too close. … Nevertheless, THE SILVER DREAM holds a permanent place on many critics’ top ten lists and is sure to be remembered, like a lost memory or a childhood nightmare, for generations to come.

Early home-recording achievement from the duo that came to be known as “some of the most influential and inventive iconoclasts in the who-is-who of today’s underground upstarts” (Impose). Unloading the last of only 300 copies pressed on brains-pink vinyl.


Silver Dream record pic

self-released by the band from behind the curtain “Spooky Town Tapes”